I am a Swedish artist living in Brooklyn, NY. I received my BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada in 2008 and am currently pursuing her MFA in painting at The New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing, & Sculpture. As a result of living in different countries and speaking five languages, my work is largely influenced by the transitory state of travel, which is seen in the fantasy worlds that appear in my paintings and drawings.


Artist Statement

Everything is an abstraction if seen in the right angle. By maintaining the craft and detail that goes into rendered drawings I am better able to understand shapes and depth in my abstract work. Each piece is more about the process than the end result, which can be seen in the complex layers of each painting. I attempt to attain a certain level of balance that allows the viewer to easily read the work from one corner to the next. While I express my own sentiments and recent experiences onto the canvas, I am inspired by the stories the viewer creates out of my expression.  Each piece is like a chapter and the series completes the book, which is unique to each beholder. 

I work in the mediums of oil, acrylic, and photo transfers of my illustrations and doodles. Having various styles, I find, reflects my lives in various cities with various languages. I am influenced by my immediate surroundings, particularly the geometric forms of buildings juxtaposed with the organic and ephemeral forms of fog, reflections, and clouds.

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