Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Madeleine Matsson received her BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She completed her MFA in Painting from the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, where she was fortunate enough to have the mentorship of Kyle Staver, Susanna Coffey, and Judy Glantzman. She has shown in Sweden, the US, Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala. She is inspired by the many cultures, climates, and languages, with which she has communed, that she continues to incorporate into her work. 


Artist Statement

Everything is an abstraction if seen in the right angle. I am a painter working from memory and observations of landscapes. Abstract forms come about from a search and discover, a hunting for the image. I seek tension, space, and clarity. My tools for arriving there are various, as working in mixed media provides me with immediacy.

Painting in nature feeds my need to create and learn from the outdoors, while the unpredictable circumstances of plein air nurtures urgency and freshness. When competing with the sun there is no time to overthink or get in one’s own way. I apply the paint before the scene completely changes. This ephemeral quality is crucial in how I go back to the predictable and comfortable studio where I, by contrast, work slowly and methodically. 

Having these two distinct ways of working reflects my two lives- how I live in cities and in nature. I am sensitive to my immediate surroundings, particularly the geometric forms of buildings, juxtaposed with the organic and ephemeral forms of fog, reflections, and clouds.